Supply, Service and Repair

Pontypool Automatics are proud to say that we can provide your pub, club or restaurant with all the entertainment equipment you need to help draw in the customers.  Whether that's fruit machines, pool tables, jukeboxes, kiddy rides, quiz machines and more, we can supply your business.  We can also supply you with your ware washing equipment and ice machines to streamline the amount of businesses you need to deal with.  With service engineers on call 7 days a week, fast and reliable service is guaranteed.

We are also happy to sell and install equipment to your home if  you are lucky enough to have the space.  If you already have a pool table you can count on us to re-cover your pool table to the highest standard.

Fruit Machines

From the classic reel based machines to the latest digital machines - Pontypool Automatics have you covered.  Rest assured that we will always ensure that your site has the best machine to maximise profit and give your customers exactly what they want.  We can rotate all of your machines regularly to keep things exciting or leave things just the way they like it.

Fruit Machines.jpg

Pool Tables

We supply a large range of pool table.  Whether you are looking for a budget pool table for your home or a brand new pool table for the home we have you covered.  All brands and sizes available on request.



We are able to supply a wide range of jukeboxes for your business.  From NSM, Jaybox and Soundleisure Digital jukeboxes to NSM and Whurlitzer CD jukeboxes or even digital background music systems, we have the perfect solution for you.


Ice Machines and Warewashing

Pontypool Automatics can also supply your pub, club or restaurant with High end ware washing equipment and ice machines.  With machines available in all sizes for various needs we are sure to provide you with the best equipment for your business.  If you already have other entertainment equipment with Pontypool Automatics you could make things much easier by renting your ware washing or ice machines from Pontypool Automatics too.  You can also purchase the ware washing and ice machines outright if you prefer.  Please get in touch and one of our engineers can discuss what equipment works best for you.


Service & Repair

Pontypool Automatics have decades of experience servicing and repairing pub and club leisure equipment.  You can rely on us to repair your fruit machines or recover your pool tables to the highest standard.  Whether at home or for your business we are more than happy to help.